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PreDay - Cody Williams

pre-day class

Cody Williams

Games Show

Date: Monday, Sep. 19th, 2022
Time: 10:00am-4:00pm

Cody Williams

Class Description: Join Cody in his first ACE pre-day class and learn how to create a show with just balloons. No circus skills needed, no singing required - just an interactive stage show format great for libraries, schools, fairs, and of course the upcoming pumpkin patches! An ACL injury forced Cody to take a break from his unicycling but he used this as an opportunity to create an easy-to-copy and paste format for shows. 


Cody will go over large-scale designs and how to put a cohesive show together. As well as the tools he uses and where you can purchase them. Class attendees will also receive links to download the exact songs and media Cody uses at his shows. After taking this class you'll be equipped to put together a show to use at your gigs the following week. Seats are limited, do not miss the opportunity to gain some serious knowledge from Cody that can immediately be applied to your business.


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