pre-day class

Christopher lyle

"The Yellow Suit Experience"

Date: Monday, Nov. 15th, 2021
Time: 10:00am-4:00pm

Christopher Lyle.jpg

Limit 15 Participants

Class Description: “The Yellow Suit Experience” may be the most ambitious Master’s Class that Christopher has ever given. With multiple focuses and goals, this class is for serious professionals. This Masters Class will be divided into three sections. Section 1 will focus on Line Work. Section 2 will focus on both Line Work and Party Designs. Section 3 will focus on the Balloon Delivery Business.  

Section 1:  Line Work - For years, Christopher hated booking line events because he didn’t like being a balloon machine. Guess what? He found a better way. In this section, he will discuss techniques on the best way to book line events, write contracts, how to work with agents, stepping out of your comfort zone, building a buzz, how to enhance your current performance technique, how to stay visible, stand out, putting together your own menus, working alongside other artists, and being remembered, plus so much more. 


Additionally…Christopher also goes over in full detail how he closes his line from start to finish and explains how he gets his clients and agents on board with his procedures as well. But most importantly, he will teach you how to turn Line Work from “Assembly Line Work” into a Show Performance. You’ll learn several great routines that you can perform while you work. Your lines will move faster, and everyone will feel they were entertained while they waited.  

Section 2: Features Christopher’s favorite designs for both linework and parties. The designs taught in this section will not be taught in any other class during the ACE convention. They will range from super easy, to advanced designs, and everything in between using a wide variety of techniques. Participants should be well versed in weaving techniques, marriage twisting, hook twisting, and frumple twisting. Whereas these techniques will be quickly demonstrated, but not a lot of time will be spent on teaching the individual techniques involved.  

Section 3: Will focus on the Balloon Delivery Business. In 2020, Christopher had to shift his focus from LIVE! Entertaining to Balloon Deliveries to not only keep his family afloat but his business as well. You will learn all the ins and outs including the best ways to advertise for balloon deliveries, how to book them, how to price them, and how to schedule them efficiently.  


Additionally, you will learn to make Christopher’s TOP SELLING Balloon Deliveries from 2020/2021 in a hands-on session.